The year is 2227 two hundred years after the nucelar war between the chinese and amercians. a young man named Ryan post who takes receidence in vault 101 becomes best buds with a vault outcast- who was let in because of amnesia- Pico jhonson. post meets Pico at school one day and they both grow up to become security guards. Post thinks it is an honor. Pico on the other hand thinks it's a load of baloney as he wanted to become a doctor. Pico then complains about their clothes and that no one would stop for them. suddenly a theif runs by. post yells at him to stop but the theif just runs through a door promting Pico to say: Told ya. they both chase the theif and post sets C4 near the bathrooms as a trap, dubbing it as a little bit to knock him down. the theif then runs by running through the bathroom. post then thinks it's a dud and proceeds to swear before an explosion rings out. both boys retreat. psot then narretes that they both got kicked out of vault 101. outside post is annoyed cause pico dos'ent remeber anything. post then asks him if he remebers a monster thats walking by both of them scream and run off only to face a metal structure post asks pico remebers it but piscos replies saying nope

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