Picking upe where ep 1 left off pico and post approach the metal city. a man steps out and tells them to step up and warning them to beware as he is armed. post then explains that they are wanderers. The sherrif asks if they have any caps. post then explains that they are vault dwellers sherrif then invites them to his office. in the sherrifs office pico tells him that they left because they did'nt like being scurity guards. post then tells pico to shut up. he then tells sherrif the true story. the sherrif tells them they can stay till sunset then warns pico that he does'nt like him but likes post outside post yells at pico for being a dick to sherrif. pico counters that he was a complete dick to THEM. they then see people standing around a bomb. a woman explains it is a cult. pico however remarks it as boring. e then goes to talk to a girl called amander. he begins to get all fast. she then points a gun at him COMPLETLY changing his attitue post becomes annoyed saying if he has to apoligize to hime one more time. he then has a go athim about the old lady. amanda begins to like pico because that the church is full of babbilig fools and then explains about the churchs leader benedicte. post then tthanks amanda. he then tells pico that he has an idea. the sherrif then kicks them out. outside pico curses post then proceeds to tell him about his idea

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